Green fritters

green frittersIn my 3 week old veggie patch, the zucchini has been the star performer thus far. Whilst the tiny carrot and beetroot sprouts modestly hint at the growing life beneath, the zucchinis stretch up taller each day, looking far more plant-like than my other “crops”. While I’m trying not to play favourites with my veggie-children, as a novice gardener, it’s hard not to be most fond of the zucchinis and their rapid progress.

Despite the estimated 6+ weeks I must wait before I’ll be tasting my own home grown veg, I’ve been having a very zucchini moment in the kitchen too. Stripped down to imitate pasta, grated raw into salads, or baked into all manner of things, zucchinis are versatile, tasty and in season now. These zucchini and asparagus fritters are perfect to make for a weekend breakfast, then refrigerate the leftovers and you’ve got lunches on hand for during the week. I’ve made them gluten free by using coconut flour, however if you want you can substitute for 1/2 cup of plain flour. Coconut flour is a really dense flour so you use less than you would if using plain flour. For breakfast I topped mine with Greek yoghurt and lemon juice, but the possibilities are endless! Maybe try with a poached egg, avocado, bacon, feta, or tomato relish.

Continue reading for recipe and more pics.


3 zucchinis

1 bunch asparagus

1 small red onion

handful of mint

handful of parsley

zest of 1 lemon

3 eggs

3 tablespoons coconut flour

salt & pepper

olive oil for frying


Grate the zucchinis into a bowl, sprinkle with salt and set aside. The salt will draw moisture out of the zucchini.

With your zucchini set aside, finely chop your asparagus, red onion, herbs and zest your lemon and place into a large bowl with the eggs, pepper and coconut flour.

Now put your pan on medium heat with a splash of olive oil.

Turn your attention back to the zucchini: take fistfuls of the grated zucchini squeeze out the liquid, then chuck into your main bowl with the rest of your ingredients and mix well.

Shape into balls that are slightly bigger than golf balls and fry in pan in batches until golden brown each side, pressing lightly on each side to flatten slightly.

The mixture can get a little sloppy towards the end, so if necessary, squeeze out excess moisture as you roll into balls.

Makes about 10 frittersgreen fritter ingredients green fritter mixture green fritters in pan green fritters on plate


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