Hard work

white shirt 2white shirtWomen’s magazines routinely offer the nifty suggestion of jazzing up business corporate attire with your favourite accessories so as to inject your own personality into your work wear. Whenever I read this I imagine a woman wearing one of those really giant flowers à la Carrie in early seasons of SATC, with a grey skirt suit. Or perhaps with a nice pair of slacks.

I’m not much of an accessories person and I tend to seek out more simple styles for my working wardrobe. But I often find that it’s the most simple of things that are the hardest to find. Add to that the angst caused by vague terms like business casual, smart casual and relaxed business casual and it becomes a lot of hard work! So you can imagine my relief to have found this white silk shirt at Zara. It’s simple and soft, with a relaxed fit. It’s quickly become one of my favourite basics and I can see myself wearing it to death. Now does anyone know where I can get one of those giant flower thingies?

white shirt 3


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