Weekend photo diary

carrot seedlings

carrot seedlings

the island bar

the island bar, cockatoo island

cockatoo island

cockatoo island

zucchini slice

zucchini slice

The tail end of summer in Sydney can be a little moody – with sudden afternoon thunderstorms sending people running for shelter, causing traffic chaos and terrifying dogs everywhere. Whilst it is technically no longer summer here, the weather over the this past week has featured dramatic thunderstorms and required umbrellas on hand at all times. So when I woke up to a beautiful clear blue sky on Saturday morning I felt like we deserved a couple of days of sunshine!

1. All the recent rain meant the weeds were going crazy in my garden, so I spent a bit of time tending to my fledgling veggie patch.

2. On Saturday afternoon I headed over to Cockatoo Island to visit the Island Bar. They had gone all out to create a New Orleans Mardi Gras celebration complete with strings of beads, brass band, bourbon cocktails and Louisiana style cooking.

3.Β Walking around the old buildings and tunnels of Cockatoo Island. The islandΒ has previously been used as a prison, a reform school, and a ship building and dockyard facility.

4. A picnic on Sunday afternoon was another chance to spend some more time outside enjoying the sunshine. In my picnic basket was this zucchini slice I baked.


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