Cheap Thrills: Running


A few years ago at my previous job, a group of energetic folks from the office decided to form a running group. Initially I just ignored the stream of emails on the subject as I was not a runner and had absolutely no interest in trying it. But the enthusiasm of the running types soon saw me and a few other non-runners in the office donning our shorts and t-shirts after work and joining them for the first running group session. Despite my initial hesitation, I found that I actually really enjoyed it and with the encouragement of a few others in the group I entered my first fun run – all of an impressive 4km. Four years later, I’ve been in 12 fun runs, including a half marathon. I’m not the greatest runner, but I do enjoy it.

What is it about running that I enjoy? I like that you can just put your shoes on and go. You don’t need any equipment, there’s no need to travel and there’s no cost. I like the solitude. Often by waking up early and going for a run you get to enjoy an amazing part of the day all to yourself. I like the endorphins. I’m in a far better mood if I’ve included regular exercise in my week. Sometimes it’s really hard to be motivated, but if I’m honest with myself, getting up to go for a run will probably make me feel better than an extra 30 minutes sleep when I’m already tired.

After recently moving back to Sydney after a number of years living in Melbourne, my running has been on little hiatus. Sydney’s hilly terrain is somewhat daunting after 4 years of running around the flat streets of Melbourne. But I guess that brings me to the purpose of this post – I do enjoy running and it’s good for me. I just needed to give myself a little reminder of all the reasons why.


2 thoughts on “Cheap Thrills: Running

  1. I love love how easy it is to “go running”. You need absolutely nothing except your running clothes and shoes. I had a 15 min break b/w clients today and instead of sitting in my car on social media I threw on my iPod and got outside! I appreciate your love for running :).

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