Going solo: my favourite blogs for the solo traveller

south korea, december 2009 - stopover on my first trip to europe

south korea, december 2009 – stopover on my first trip to europe

Next week I leave for a 3 month overseas trip solo. I’ve never travelled for so long in a single stretch before, nor have I ever travelled overseas by myself before. As I count down the days until my departure date, I’m filled with excitement for what’s to come. I’ve loved travelling overseas with others, and it is great to have a friend by your side as you navigate complicated foreign public transport systems together. Or try to make a police report in a non-English speaking country. Or for the many times when you return home and just want to reminisce about that hilarious thing that happened one time in Peru or Thailand or Italy. But this time I’m going alone and while there’s no doubt it will be amazing and I’ll make many friends along the way, it is still slightly daunting.

There are many fantastic blogs and websites out there that celebrate solo travel and I have spent hours poring over many of them. I’ve been absorbing the tips and tricks that seasoned travellers are more than willing to share, discovering places and things to do that I had never even heard of and laughing at their funny stories of times on the road. I want to share just a few of my favourites that have provided me with inspiration and confidence as I plan my first solo adventure.

This Battered Suitcase Originally from Canada and now living in London, the nomadic Brenna has been documenting her travels for years. She is a fantastic writer, describing locations and her personal experiences so vividly that you are drawn in completely. In her funny and open style, she covers everything from horrible illnesses and injuries she’s experienced while travelling, to love found and lost while on the road. She’s visited over 80 countries on 6 continents, and has so many amazing stories to share. Her writing always makes me incredibly excited and inspired about my next adventure, except perhaps the details of bed bugs and gangrene…hard to get excited about that!

Adventurous Kate Kate’s blog celebrates solo female travel. She quit her job at age 26 to travel for six months, and over 3 years later she is travelling full time and makes a living from her travel blog. I first stumbled upon her blog when I was searching for a review of the bag I was planning to buy –  the Osprey Sojourn 60L and I bought it! However I soon became hooked reading about not only the places she’s been that I’m dying to go to (I’m looking at you Iceland!), but also by the openness with which she shares such personal experiences like the life and career she walked away from to travel full time.

Her Packing List An amazing resource for planning what to take and how to pack it. I’m desperately trying to reform my bad packing habits (chronic overpacking and bad footwear choices to name but a few!) and Her Packing List has opened my eyes as to where I’ve made a few errors in the past. The site features packing lists from real female travellers to cover all kinds of situations, everything from the Ultimate Packing List for an All-Seasons RTW Trip to a Packing Guide for Girls with Ginormous Boobs. There are also many reviews of luggage and other travel gear, together with many handy travel hacks – I have already amazed my friends by turning a cup into a speaker!


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