Cheap Thrills: Fresh fruit

The best things in life are free…Love don’t cost a thing…Mo money, mo problems…Can’t buy me love…I’m sharing my favourite budget-friendly-under-$10 discoveries each week. Cheap thrills.


As someone who has only ever lived in cities, there are some fairly ordinary aspects of country and small town life that I am easily excited by. Like seeing the night sky filled with stars, not sharing a wall with your neighbours, and the roadside fruit and vegetable stand. Refreshingly, a hand painted sign touting the type and price of produce on offer is all the marketing needed to get people to pull over to the side of the road and purchase. And for me, during my recent trip to the Southern Highlands, a tray of figs for $2.99 was just irresistible. Just look at how beautiful they are! I’ll post recipes featuring these figs later in the week.


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