Earning my stripes

striped long sleeve top

As I was hanging out my washing the other day I noticed, not for the first time, how much stripes dominate my wardrobe. With striped dresses, striped pyjamas and so many striped t-shirts hanging up around me, I wondered how it came to be that I buy almost the same thing over and over again. They say the definition of madness is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. While some might think owning dozens of near identical t-shirts is kind of crazy, I think there is some method in my madness. Firstly, stripes are awesome. What could be more perfectly casual and chic, than a Breton striped top? But my search for the ultimate striped top is how I find myself with a drawer full of stripes – I have not yet found the holy grail. Every single time I walk into a clothing store I find myself drawn directly to the striped tops, and way too many times I find myself buying one. Whilst I’m in confessional mode, I should reveal that my serial stripe purchases are not an isolated case. There was a floral vintage dress phase while I was at uni, followed by a case of repeated maxi dress and maxi skirt purchases. But seeing all of these stripes piled up tells me that I really need to draw a line under this particular obsession (pun totally intended – sorry). Unless of course I manage to find the ultimate striped t-shirt, I could always make an exception for just one more…

many striped tops

What about you – do you find yourself always buying the same type of thing repeatedly?


7 thoughts on “Earning my stripes

  1. Me too!! I don’t know what it is. There must be something out there that’s making us want more. I love the one you’re wearing in the pic,where is it from? Also it might not work, (but that’s not the point) I have been obsessed with the idea of mixing stripes and layering stripes. I just think it would look rad. Would you?


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