San Francisco Travel Diary: Part I

San Francisco

As a child my knowledge and understanding of the United States was shaped by a few particular television programs and young adult novels. Sesame Street first introduced me to New York and cookies – we call them biscuits in Australia. Around age 10 I became hooked on Judy Blume novels and the dramas of the teenaged protagonists, usually living somewhere in Connecticut or New Jersey.

But one of my favourite shows at that time truly wore its location on its sleeve. The opening credits of Full House showed the family riding San Francisco’s iconic cable cars and enjoying a picnic in Washington Square Park. I recognised the famous Painted Ladies as the houses from Full House long before I knew their correct name. Danny and Becky hosted Wake Up San Francisco. And as that classic theme song finished, the name of the show splashed out over a shot of the Golden Gate Bridge. Obviously I loved that show.

Getting to finally visit San Francisco was amazing, not only to see all those famous locations like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, but I also quickly felt that it is a city I could move to. Here I’ll share Part I of my San Francisco photo diary: Ferry Building farmers’ market, Chinatown, Mara’s Italian Pastry in North Beach (I had the cannoli) and City Lights Books.

image artichokes oranges flowers coffee coffee almonds asparagus chinatown chinatown chinatownpastriespastriescannolicity lights booksjohn steinbeck


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