Cheap Thrills: Food Trucks

The best things in life are free…Love don’t cost a thing…Mo money, mo problems…Can’t buy me love…I’m sharing my favourite budget-friendly-under-$10 discoveries each week. Cheap thrills.


SOMA Streatfood Park

SOMA Streatfood ParkSOMA Streatfood ParkSOMA Streatfood Parktacospour over coffeeOn my last day in San Francisco I headed to SOMA Streatfood Park for lunch. Everything from French to Mexican to Burmese to Peruvian food was on offer. I opted for Mexican – a flame broiled chicken taco and a roast pork taco both served super style from Tacos El Tuca. The roast pork taco was hands down the tastiest thing I’ve eaten over here so far. Then time for a pour over coffee from Astronaut Cafe. Sitting there in the sunshine with the Beach Boys playing over the sound system was a pretty perfect way to finish up my time in California.


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