Texas Travel Diary

Cadillac Ranch

Fried chickenThe 6th floor museumCowboys stadium imagedenim shirt

One of the amazing things about my trip here in the US has been how unique each place I’ve visited is, and how the landscape changes as I travel across the country. Visiting Texas was another chance to see a different part of the country and I loved it!

Here are some pics featuring some of my highlights from Texas:

1. Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, TX: created in 1974 by Chip Lord, Hudson Marquez and Doug Michels, this public art installation is Cadillacs half buried in the ground and the public are encouraged to spray paint the cars.

2. Southern cooking: an amazing meal at Ellen’s Southern Kitchen in Dallas, TX of buttermilk fried chicken, mac & cheese and braised Swiss chard.

3. Sixth Floor Museum, Dallas, TX: learning more about the life and death of JFK.

4. Cowboys AT&T Stadium, Dallas, TX: I don’t know much about American football, however my tour of Cowboy Stadium was awesome.

5. Southern cooking (again): a huge plate of ribs at Riscky’s Barbecue in Fort Worth, TX.

6. This amazing shirt I bought in Fort Worth. I wore this to a rodeo and a honky tonk in Fort Worth – I posted an outfit pic on my Instagram!

My next stop was Memphis, TN – post coming soon.


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